Audio conversion services

36 Hertz Mastering are specialists in archiving audio files from dated formats such as DAT, Audio cassette, Reel to Reel, CD, vinyl and everything in between. We have the equipment in house to be able to record your master files and convert using the best audio convertors to digitize your files.

We are also able to restore files using the latest software to remove, hiss, clicks, hums and any other rogue noises that may be on your files, Audio glitches or drop outs are also no problem with our production skills we can edit or replace sections where there may be issues with your files.

We take great care in recording your files to ensure they are returned to you with enough headroom and no clipping on them ensuring they are in the best condition and ready for either storage or mastering (which of course can also be provided).

All files will be correctly named before being returned to ensure they match with what ever information was provided with them to make sure they are archived correctly in the future.

We carry out all audio conversion manually and in real time to ensure that everything is checked throughly before being returned to you.

Converted audio will be returned either digitally using online secure storage or can be shipped back on a digital storage device if required.

For more information and pricing please do get in touch via our contact page.

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