Vinyl Mastering

With the huge resurgence in vinyl sales labels are now starting to do runs of vinyl release’s again. Most pressing plants offer what is known as DMM in the vinyl production process

Unlike conventional disc mastering, where the mastered track is cut onto a lacquer-coated aluminum disc, DMM cuts straight into metal (copper), utilizing a high frequency carrier system and specialized diamond styli, vibrating at more than 40 kHz (i.e. 60 kHz) to facilitate the cutting.

The DMM copper master disc can be plated to produce the required number of stampers using the one-step plating process. Rather than having to electroform a master (or “father”), mother and then stampers (the traditional “three-step process”), the DMM copper disc serves as the ‘mother”. Bypassing the silvering process and two electroforming stages reduces the risk of introducing noise that can be generated in the electroforming (galvanic) process. In cases where hundreds of stampers may be required, the DMM disc is often plated to produce a master and mother, from which many stampers are then made.

36 Hertz mastering can now supply mastered files to the exact requested specification ready for the DMM manufacturing process. These files can be sent direct to the pressing plant who can direct cut the supplied file to the copper plate

We are also able to supply vinyl ready masters that can be used for normal acetate cut vinyl masters again to the exact required specification.

For more information about ordering Vinyl cut ready masters please do get in touch via our contact page.

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