Mixing and Mastering

36 Hertz Mastering was one of the worlds first dedicated digital mixing and mastering services. Having been set up at a time when the main way of releasing music was on physical mediums such as vinyl or CD we saw there was a gap in the market for affordable mastering that provided your music as digital files ready for digital distribution and streaming rather than mastered for vinyl or CD.

Having been mastering full time for over 12 years our company has expanded and become one of the leaders in the field of digital mastering however 2023 saw us expand into offering lathe cut vinyl dubplates and small run batch cut vinyl on our in house vinyl cutting machine.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer music producers and record labels affordable solutions to getting their music mixed, mastered or cut to vinyl and have built our company on reputation alone with over 80% of our customers coming to us through recommendations from our other clients. We rarely advertise and do not promote out services with “influencer” style videos or promises on social media.

36 Hertz Mastering works with every customer large or small to ensure that every track they work on is exactly how the customer wants it to be with unlimited revision or amendments to any project done with no extra charges or fees – that’s why our customers keep coming back year after year.

With most mastering projects completed within 1 working day from receiving the files and most mixes being completed within 4 working days we also ensure you will not end up stuck in an endless queue with no idea when you will get your projects back from us. We are always available to answer questions and are happy to communicate with customers when ever needed.

For any more information please do feel free to get in touch via our contact page for more info.

We look forward to working with you!

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