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Below you will find our simple order form to order lathe cut dubplates from 36 Hertz Mastering.

Under each section you will find links with more information about that specific option so please do read through to see what choices are available for that particular section before ordering.

We have a dedicated page with full information about our lathe cut dubplates detailing what they are and a lot more detailed information which we advise that you should take the time and read fully before ordering – This page can be found here:

If you would like to order a small run or batch of multiple cuts please do read through the information page HERE and get in touch via our contact page HERE for more information and options.

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Get your music turned into a one off vinyl record using our lathe cut dubplate service. All tracks are cut using our Vinyl Recorder T560 system to ensure the best possible results for your music.

The blank discs we use are 2mm thick variants to ensure a good heavyweight end product that will look and feel slightly thicker than a pressed record. our 10″ cuts will be 120gr and the 12″ will be 180gr the same as a heavyweight pressed vinyl record. They look and feel fantastic and are certainly a lot higher quality than what you would expect from a pressed vinyl record.

Ideal track lengths for optimum cutting are around the following:

10″ vinyl – 7 mins @ 45rpm or up to 8 mins @ 33rpm & Max – 15 mins @ 33rpm
12″ vinyl – 8 mins @ 45rpm or up to 12mins @ 33rpm & Max – 22 mins @ 33rpm

Note these are not exact and times will vary depending on the track being cut – lots of bass = wider grooves etc etc

We cut at 45rpm as standard as this give the least surface noise on the finished product – 33rpm will be used if needed but this is at the discretion of the engineer when cutting – If you would like to specify a speed that you would prefer then please contact us before placing an order and we can see if it is possible based on your track times.

Our lathe cut dubplates are sleeved in a white cardboard sleeve then sealed in a clear resealable plastic sleeve as part of the service.

Your lathe cut dubplates will come with our house labels as standard unless otherwise specified when ordering.


10 Inch £25.00, 12 Inch £30.00

Shipping Information

Shipping for lathe cut dubplates is charged at the following rates:


1 – 6 dubs – £7.00 Royal Mail (Signed For)
7+ records – £13.00 Royal Mail 48 (trackable and signed for).

£8.00 for 1 , £2 for each additional

£17 for 1 , £5 for each additional up to 5 . 6 and above is a £50 flat rate.

£22 for 1 , £7 for each additional.

£25 for 1 , £5 for each additional up to 5. 6 and above is a £70 flat rate.

NOTE – Non UK customers are responsible for all customs taxes and import duties

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