Run Out Etching

What is a run out etching you may ask?

Ever looked at the grooves on a record and noticed some writing in the centre of the record in the run out grooves?

Well these are what are known as ‘run out etches’. They can hold a wealth of information such as catalogue number, cutting engineer, track titles or even secret messages. Traditionally they are used to keep track of your music when its going through the various stages of pressing – Laquer cut through to metalwork through to pressing. These days you can also add in messages or anything else you can think of.

You may find our identifier of “VAP36” etched somewhere in your run off groove. This enables people to know it’s our work, in years to come. We might not add it if we are just doing a set of one of cuts (for example DJ dubplates) but if we do a batch of cuts for release then it is highly likely you might find our identifier on there. By all means if you don’t want any etching, please just let us know but please note – if you do not state no etching on a release then it is highly likely there will be one there.

You also have  the option to have anything else added to the run offs (we suggest a catalogue number of your choice). Simply select “Etching” when placing your order and fill in what you would like on the submission form that you will send us back with your tracks for cutting. Please note that we request that you keep run out etchings to a short note rather than your life story as each one takes time to do.

Example Of Etching In Vinyl
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