Batch Cut / Small Run Information

36 Hertz Mastering are able to provide batch cut / small run cuts for record labels or individuals who may want more than one copy of a lathe cut dubplate so they can offer them for sale to their customers. We are able to cut any amount that you may require (within reason!) and offer various sizes, colours, labels, sleeve stickers and even custom shape vinyl options.

We offer a simple discount structure for batch cut and small run orders which is as follows:

2 to 10 copies of the same record = 10% discount on normal pricing

11 to 20 copies of the same record = 20% discount on normal pricing

For all batch cut orders mastering IS included with your order for free for all of your tracks as well as run out etching if required.

Discounts are availabe for custom labels for batch orders – please let us know when requesting a quote if you would like them.

If you require a batch of vinyl dubplates cutting then please do just drop us a message via our contact page and we will get in touch to discuss what we can offer and what the cost would be.

We are able to offer small batch cuts on 7″,10″ or 12″ vinyl in all colour options as per our size and colour option page HERE

When getting in touch please try to give us as much information as possible – record size (10″, 12″ etc), number of tracks per side, ideas for labels and sleeve stickers if you want either of them and any other general information you think we might need.

Batch run vinyl can have longer lead times to produce so please bare that in mind when getting in touch – we will be able to advise on how long it might take when you are ready to order and we know what you want.

Any other questions just reach out and get in touch.

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