FAQ – Lathe Cut Dubplates

Welcome to our lathe cut vinyl dubplate frequently asked questions page, Below are some of the most commonly asked questions that we get from customers and our answers.

“How long does it take to cut my tracks and get them back to me?”

This is all down to two things – what you ordered and how busy we are. Only ordered 1 dub? then not so long , Ordered a big batch of the same track on multiple vinyls? then its going to take longer. Lead times change all the time so its always best to get in touch if you need to know and we can give you a better idea of how long your order will take based on the work we already have booked in. There is no queue jumping and everything will be processed in order.

“Can I come to the studio and watch my tracks being cut?”

We do not accept personal visitors to our studio as orders are processed in the order they come and we can not pause cutting or move orders around to accommodate people wanting to come and watch unfortunately.

“Can I pick my dubs up from you direct rather than posting?”

We can arrange to meet you in our local area (Southampton) but do not have people turning up at the studio to pick up dubs so will be meeting you at our local pub.

“How do you send me my dubs?”

Royal mail second class signed for – You will be sent tracking information when we ship your dubs back to you via email.

“Can you post to a different address than my verified Paypal address?”

Unfortunately not – All orders will be shipped to the address that is verified on your Paypal account so please make sure this is up to date when you place your order.

“Do you test my dubs before you send them back to make sure there are no issues?”

All cuts are monitored in real time via the playback stylus on the cutting machine so we can ensure there are no issues with your dubs. Every dub we cut has been played back from start to finish on our system and is checked for issues before being shipped.

“Will you cut anything?”

We do not cut anything with racist, homophobic or degrading content on it.

We will also not cut tracks that are under copyright (also no dodgy youtube dubplates please)

If we suspect you are cutting to resell as an “unreleased dubplate” on ebay or the like then we will also refuse to cut

We are happy to discuss this with you prior to purchase if you are in any doubt

“What styles / genres of music can you cut?”

Anything you would like – We have been mastering full time for over 11 years and have done every style and sub genre you can think of.

“Can you send me the mastered files back that you cut from?”

We do not send any of our digital vinyl masters back to customers as these are optimised and mastered for vinyl and therefore sound different to proper digital masters so are not fit for release as digital downloads.

“Do you keep my masters on file after I have cut them in case I want more copies?”

All files are stored for one year from date of purchase after that they are deleted – If you think you may want more copies of the same tracks / release done form the same files you will need to notify us before that time period is up and we will gladly keep them on file for longer at no charge. If you do not notify us and they are deleted you will need to pay for mastering again on those files if it is required.

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