Lathe Cut Dubplate Label Options

We have multiple options available for labels on your lathe cut dubplates – Please read through the following to ensure you order the correct type.

“House labels” – We are very proud of our work here at 36 Hertz Mastering and so as standard your lathe cut dubplates will come with our 36 Hertz Mastering dubplate stickers stuck on them. These are included free of charge and will be applied to the records before they are shipped to you – It is important to note that if you DO NOT want these attached to your records then we wont hold it against you BUT you will need to select “NO LABELS” as an option when placing your order. If you forget to do this and receive your records with them on then there will be no refunds or replacement cuts offered you will be stuck with them (pun intended). Do not worry though our labels are printed on vinyl and are easily removed with no residue or bits of paper just peel them off and chuck them away. We think they look great though and we hope you will keep them on.

We constantly switch up the colours of our house labels so you may get different varients with each seperate order or we might even mix up multiple ones on each plate we cut for you if you order a bundle – If you are after a set of all the same colour please do let us know when ordering and we will be happy to help.

Below are some examples of our labels:

Dubplate Labels

Please note we use dubplate label sizing for our house labels which are smaller than standard pressed vinyl record labels and measure 8cm in width

“No Labels” – Want your dubs plain with no house labels on them? then this is the option you need to select and your dubs will be sent to you plain with nothing on them at all – you can then source and create your own at home and apply yourself. Please note we do not send out sheets of our labels or blank white labels with orders that have selected “No labels” you will get your dubs and nothing else.

Please see the image below of what your dubplate will look like with no label:

Dubplate Without A Label

“Custom labels” – Want your own labels design printed and applied by us then we can do this for you. Simply select customs labels as an option on your order and we will discus with you your options and what can be done. We use vinyl printing to do this so we can provide any shapes or colours that you would like so you dont have to stick with just a circle label you can do any shape you want. We can also provide a choice of finishes such as gloss or matt – Please get in touch to discus options if you have any questions before ordering.

You will need to provide you label artwork using our design templates that will be provided after you order – Please do not sent artwork using any other templates as it will be refused.

It is very imporant that you take notice of our design guidelines that will be sent as you will need to ensure your designs stick to these parameters else they might not be able to be printed

Please note that with printed labels we will print what we get sent so it is down to the customer to proof read and double check everything for thier labels – we accept no responsibilty for any errors in the customers designs and replacement labels will be charged for.

Check out the image below for a custom label we had done for our own record label cut to shape using the labels logo:

Custom Label On Dubplate
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