Other Services Available From 36 Hertz Mastering On Request

36 hertz mastering also offers the following services on request. Please get in touch via our contact page if you require more information about any of the below services.

Tutorial sessions : 36 hertz mastering offers tutorial days for producers who are struggling to join the dots with their music production. We offer this service as a home visit to your studio to do a full day teaching you the secrets to music production based on your needs. For more information please visit the dedicated tutorials day page HERE

Vinyl Mastering: We can offer vinyl ready masters tailored specifically for vinyl pressing. For more information on this service please visit the dedicated vinyl mastering page HERE

Ghost production: This is a procedure where a track is written but the rights for the track are contractually signed over to the purchaser. The purchaser of the track can then credit the track to whomever they would like. No rights are retained by the original producer and it is the choice of the purchaser to exploit the work in which ever way they desire. We offer a full ghost production service and also remixing from our established in house producer who has a proven track record with track played regularly on national radio and nightclubs round the world.

Film & TV Scoring: We can provide music of all styles and genres for use within TV, Film and Media, With a in house publishing company already set up and our catalog already being exploited for Media use we can provide catalog and custom on spec work on request in any genre for any project large or small.

Remixes: Our in house producer DJ Vapour has made a huge name for himself in the DNB scene with remixes for many of the scenes top labels and producers. He also works on other genres under various aliases and has received huge support in the clubs and on national radio with all genres. We can offer remixes of your tracks on request in any style or genre.

DAT Tape Conversion: Digital Audio Tape (DAT) was the medium of choice back in the 1990s before affordable CD burning became a standard in recording studios. 36 Hertz Mastering can offer DAT conversion recording your tracks from DAT Tape and supplying back to you as trimmed pre masters. We can also master direct from your DAT Tapes and return as Digital masters - Bulk Deals Available!

Audio Restoration: Damaged audio files? We can often restore files removing Clicks, Pops, Crackles, Clipping and many other issues. We have specialist software that can be used to restore even the most damaged of files back to original glory.

Voice overs: We have a rosta of voice over artists who are available for voice over work for any audio or video production. 36 Hertz Mastering can provide full recording from your provided scripting and return fully mastered and edited files ready to be added to your video or audio projects.

Graphic Design: Looking for release artwork for your record label or perhaps even a bespoke logo design for your brand? We can provide artwork for digital releases all the way through to 12" vinyl artwork all supplied to spec ready to print. For more info please check out our graphic design page HERE