To prevent confusion and ensure clarity for every customer purchasing batch cut records from us, we’ve set up this page to outline our terms and conditions for batch cut vinyl. Please note that the information below is subject to change; however, what was specified at the time of your order will be upheld. By placing an order, you acknowledge that you’ve read all the information below before making payment, and your payment signifies acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Please note, customer satisfaction is of the highest importance to us, and we will always do everything we can to make sure your batch cut vinyl sounds great with no issues before they leave us. The information below is set out to ensure all parties know exactly where they stand on every part of the process.

Batch cut orders include the following:

  • The specified quantity of records as ordered
  • Full-color labels, which must be designed by the customer and adhere to our provided template
  • White card sleeves
  • Resealable clear plastic outer sleeves
  • Vinyl mastering and run-out etching

If your order exceeds our free postage threshold, postage is included. Otherwise, postage is charged separately. For more information on postage charges, please refer to our shipping policy HERE


Turnaround Time:

We can provide you with a ROUGH timescale for your cutting at the time of ordering, and typically, we expect your order to be completed within two weeks of receiving payment. Please note that this timeframe is an estimate and not a guaranteed delivery time. Delays may occur due to factors such as machine breakdowns or awaiting necessary parts for fulfilling your order. Therefore, for clarity, all quoted times are estimates only.


We will ship your records directly to the address you provide. We confirm this address when your records are ready for shipment. Please note that we do not ship to multiple addresses or split orders in any way.

Damaged Items in Transit from us to you:

Upon receipt of your records, inspect the package for any damage and retain the packaging until you’ve confirmed the items inside are undamaged. In the event of damage during transit, we require full photographic evidence to file an insurance claim with Royal Mail. Without proof of damage, no insurance claim can be filed, and recutting will be at your expense. Similarly, if items are damaged in transit when you ship them to your customers, recutting will be at your cost.

For full clarity if your records are broken in half by the postman and you can not send us proof of this then no insurance claim and you will have to pay to recut. If your records are broken in half by the postman and you send us pictures to show this then we can file an insurance claim and will recut your records at our cost.

Items damaged in transit when YOU post them: When we ship your records to you, they have passed our quality control. If you ship them out to your customers in inadequate packaging and they get damaged, it is not our fault. We are willing to collaborate with you to get items recut, but this will be at your cost. Therefore, it is crucial that you package your records properly when shipping them and ensure they are sent with insurance.

We strongly suggest that you do NOT ship records during significantly hot weather. We also advise using two cardboard stiffener inserts when shipping and do not post records without stiffeners.

Recut Policy:

Playback Issues: Playback issues reported by your customers will result in recuts at your cost unless we are at fault. Video evidence of the problem is required, and damaged records must be returned to us for examination. If we determine that we are at fault, recuts for all returned records will be provided at our cost.

When your records were cut, they were played back in real-time as part of the cutting process from start to finish using a Technics 1200 with an Ortofon Concorde stylus and headshell (stylus changed every 300 hours) with a weight setting of 1.75 and anti-skate setting of 0. These are our recommended settings for playback of your records. If you are experiencing any playback issues, these will likely be due to your player setup. We recommend checking that the weight and settings are not excessive.

It is the customer’s (your) responsibility to check records BEFORE they ship them to your customers. Records with reported issues from third parties (your customers) will be recut at YOUR COST unless we are at fault. In the rare event of a reported issue, we will require video evidence of the problem. Damaged records must be shipped back to us for checking under our microscope at 40x magnification. If we determine that we are at fault, recuts for all returned records will be provided at our cost. If damage was caused by either the customer (you) or a third party (your customer), recuts will be charged at standard full prices. Return postage shall be paid for by the customer (you), and we will only refund it if we are determined to be at fault. Recuts will only be provided for returned records, and no refunds will be offered.



It is your responsibility to ensure that all artwork provided for labels is correct and free of spelling mistakes. We are not responsible for issues arising from incorrect artwork or label mistakes. In the event of mistakes on your labels, we can arrange for a new set to be sent to you at your cost.

Audio Issues:

What you provide is is what will be cut, we highly recomend that you check your files from start to finish before sending them to us for cutting – any mistakes with wrong files or glitches in audio = your problem. To clarify, if you send us the wrong files and we cut them then you now have a batch of records with the wrong track cut on them, Enjoy!


We do not provide customers with copies of our vinyl masters, as these are processed differently from digital masters. No digital files will be sent back with your order, and they will not be provided upon request. All digital files are kept on file for one year from the date of your order before being deleted from our servers.

Run-out Etching:

If you choose to have run-out etching on your order, it will only include the tracks’ catalog number. We do not add personal messages or poems. Additionally, we reserve the right to include our unique identifier “VAP36” in the run-out groove, which is not optional.

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