36 Hertz Mastering customer satisfaction

We will always strive to ensure every customer is 100% happy with the service that the receive from us here at 36 Hertz Mastering.

All orders placed on our site come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee at no cost to the customer.

Everyone has a different listening environment from acoustically treated studios to small home project studios which can mean that each listener is hearing music in a different way. We try to ensure that every track we mix or master is sent back at a standard that will ensure that it will sound great on all listening situations how ever we understand that changes do sometimes need to be made.

Alternatively we also understand that everyone has a vastly different idea of what they want their finished mastered tracks to sound like – again we are always happy to help with this.

Every mixing and mastering order comes with unlimited revisions on the originally submitted stems or pre master. We will always happily and speedily make any required amendments on tracks as needed for absolutely no charge (Terms and conditions do apply)

If you do make an order and once you receive your mixed or mastered files back and would like anything changing then please do just drop us a quick email explaining the issue and we will process it on the next working day for you.

Our business is built on reputation and we strive to get the best possible results for our customers.

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