Graphic Design

Need artwork for your release or even branding for your label or artist?

Not only a audio mastering company 36 hertz mastering can provide bespoke artwork for all aspects of your record label from individual release artwork all the way through to label or artist brand designs. Having been providing artwork for not only our in house labels but also for labels and artists from all corners of the music industry we can supply artwork for your release to spec based on your design needs and fully ready for submission to distributors and stores.

Record label graphic design

Record Label Release Artwork

With over 14 years experience providing artwork for record label releases we can provide bespoke custom artwork for your record labels release to any spec. With full knowledge of distributor and store requirements you can rest assured that we can provide fully release ready images for any record label release or needs. Once your artwork has been created we can further provide any required dimensions for use in advertising or social media.

Prices start at £30 for our basic package through to full release package deals – More info on demand

Record Label Branding

Record Label Branding

Branding is everything and when running a record label you want your brand to stand out from the crowd. We can provide branding from your label from your ideas or even update your existing branding or logo to make it more prominent. Perhaps you are relaunching your label and have no longer got the original artwork files? no problem we can recreate and update your existing logo and supply in high resolution ready for your use.

For more information about ordering any of our graphic design services please get in touch via our contact page to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to help.

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