Additional stems for mixdowns

This service is for customers who have purchased our Digital mixdown service ONLY or our Analogue mixdown service ONLY

This extra add on for the Digital mixdown or Analogue mixdown service’s is for customers who need to add additional stems on to the order over our 30 Stems limit which is included as part of the original Mixdown package

Additional stems are charged at a rate of £10 per extra 20 stems – If you have more than 20 additional stems you will need to add multiple instances of this product to your cart.

You do not need to add this product to your order if you have less than 30 stems in your original order – If you need any more info please do drop us a message via our contact page.

This item is a add on item only and not an individual purchase for any other service other than additional stems for our mixdown service’s

For more information please do drop us a message via our contact page

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