Tutorial sessions

Struggling with production or just want to take your music to the next level? then our one to one studio tutorial sessions are designed with you in mind.

Our tutorial sessions are constructed as a multi part course conducted one to one via live video calls.

You will be able to watch and converse with our engineer as he takes you through all sections of music production from sample preparation through to arranging your music.

Each part of music production is broken down into separate elements which are taught to you via a one to one video session booked at a time to suit you. You are able to book each segment when ever you want giving you plenty of time to take in and work on each segment before moving onto the next.

Each segment lasts roughly 1 to 2 hours and ends with a Q and A session to recap or cover any questions you may have from the session.

You will also get access to a selection of private videos which recap the main points of each module of the course which you can then watch back at your leisure to refresh your memory.

The course also includes track feedback once the course has been completed for a selection of your tracks. On top of this all tutorial sessions customers receive a voucher for mastering to get some of their tracks mastered at a reduced rate.

Modules include (but are not limited to) – Sample preparation,  processing and programming drums, Percussion, Making bass, Building chords / Pads and layers, Arrangement, Mixing and much more.

Once the course is completed then there is a refresh and Q and A session for you to ask any further questions. You are also able to book extra sessions on specific areas if you require more help on those areas.

Payments are split up into smaller manageable blocks to enable you to proceed with the course on a budget – You simply pay a deposit then book and pay for each session as you go along.

For more information about our tutorial sessions please do get in touch via our contact page.

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